“I’m so glad you were there…Because we had a doula we felt more prepared for labor. I’m glad we had someone there who knew what was happening- it helped us feel less afraid and anxious. It was helpful to have the extra support, another set of hands, the emotional support, everything. I think having you as a doula gave us a better birth experience overall…My husband doesn’t think he could’ve done it without you…You were exactly what we needed.” -Michelle


“Made labor easier considering no meds were used during the birth. She certainly wasn’t an extra body. Used helpful techniques to help me cope with the pain. Was instrumental in reminding me to breathe. I’m eternally grateful for her usefulness and presence during the birth of my son.” -First time Mother


“She is my angel, it truly made a huge difference having her. I could not be any more grateful.” –Cynthia




“Emily, we are really grateful for all that you did on my first child birth. Those moments when I had my labour, the way you stood by, you helped me in all the way you can. Just for giving me as much comfort as possible be it massaging, wiping face and body with cold and warm cloths or speaking positive things to boost me up and make me smile, will always be appreciated.” –Sreyasi Munshi